11 Gifts for Older Parents Who Want to Stay Fit and Active

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Are you looking for unique gifts for older moms who are on the move? How about gifts for aging dads who like to stay active? Studies show that exercise and an active lifestyle are extremely important for aging well. The best gifts for older parents and loved ones will encourage physical exercise and wellness to enhance their quality of life.

No matter their ability level or your budget, there’s something for every senior on your list. Personalize your present by adding a gift certificate for a session with a personal trainer who specializes in senior wellness.


Exercise usually results in at least a little sweat! This cooling towel is a perfect gift for refreshing any active senior as they play paddleball or go on a nature walk. Simply wet the towel with cold water to cool off. This product absorbs water better than a cotton towel and is machine washable. 

Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands are a popular way to make exercises more challenging. Often used for physical and occupational therapy, these exercise bands can be used for a variety of different exercises to train different muscle groups.  

Classic 3-Wheeler Adult Bike

Bicycle riding is a low-impact exercise, popular with many older adults. If balancing on 2 wheels isn’t your idea of fun, this 3 wheeled adult trike may fit the bill. It’s perfect for a spin around the block or comfortably riding several miles. The low step-through design makes it easier to get on and off and a saddle seat improves comfort. To make it even better, the rust-resistant basket makes it easy to bring goodies home from the farmers market. In addition, this bike comes with safety flags for extra protection. 

Pickleball Set

Want to join in on the pickleball craze? This wooden pickleball set is great for any senior who wants to try the fastest-growing sport or upgrade their equipment. These paddles are sturdy and sleek. Four pickleballs are included in the set.

Cooling Headband

Cooling headbands are great for exercise and managing headaches, including migraines. This headband comes in several colors as well as a variety of sizes. Simply place the headband in the freezer and remove it when ready to use. It also features a pocket.

Elastic Shoe Laces

Don’t worry about your laces coming untied while exercising! These elastic shoelaces are a great addition to any pair of sneakers and make it easy to take shoes on and off – that’s a win-win!

Foot Pedal Bike

Exercise while sitting around? You bet! Pedal bikes let you condition and strengthen while seated on a chair, sofa or at a desk. But wait, there’s more….it can also be used as an arm bike in either sitting or standing. This pedal bike is quiet and can be adjusted for varying intensity depending on ability and fitness level. Take your workout to the next level by connecting it to your phone for targeted workouts.

Home Workout Bundle

Ready to gift a mini-home gym setup? This set includes a variety of popular and versatile exercise equipment, including a recumbent bike, vibration platform, foam roller, resistance bands, balance disc, and an exercise ball. 

Tube Resistance Band

Not a fan of traditional resistance bands? These tube resistance bands are generally easier to grip and can be used to work almost any muscle group to strengthen, stabilize and tone the whole body. Color-coded by difficulty level, these tube bands even include some exercises to get started.  

Walking Belt

Walking belts are great for seniors who regularly take walks or enjoy running and jogging. These waist belts can hold a phone, keys, credit cards and money, and also include a spot for headphones. This version is water-resistant and has reflective strips for safety.

Electric Mountain Bike 

An electric bike is great for seniors who want to ride longer distances or who don’t have the endurance or desire for a pedal bike. This bicycle features 7 speeds, goes up to 20 miles per hour, and can travel 30 miles on one charge. The bike is lightweight and has three operational modes: pedal only, pedal assist, and electronic. 

Final Thoughts About Gifts for Older Moms and Dads

With the above suggestions, you are on your way to finding great gifts for older parents who enjoy staying active. Maybe you can join in their next round of pickleball or go on a bike ride or hike together using their new gifts!

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