7 Must-Have Foot Care Products for Aging Feet

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Feet take a lot of wear and tear. They are complex structures that work hard to support our body weight, act as shock absorbers, and help us walk and balance. As a Physical Therapist, I know that what happens with our feet significantly impacts the rest of the body all the way up to the head.

Foot discomfort including aches, pains and stiffness affect about one-third of older adults. But there are plenty of ways seniors can treat their feet well and help manage these concerns. Preventing problems is best and these products can help with that as well as compliment a rehab plan provided by a health care professional. 

Foot and arch massger

This foot massager is not just for older adults; it's a great gift for all ages! There are 2 dome options depending on your needs: blue for deep tissue massage and pink for gentler foot and arch relief. This is a handy device for anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time or has feet, leg, back and neck discomfort. 

Massage roller is a must have foot care product

Designed for achy feet, the reLiveFoot Roller can be used on other areas of the body too. What's unique, is that therapeutic oils can be added to the bottom without a mess creating a next level massage experience. It's compact size makes it easy to take along for use whenever and wherever it's needed. 

Vibration plate massager is a luxurious foot care product

This foot massager is great for providing pressure-point massage that feels like you're at the spa! Just sit back and relax as the oscillating footpad does the work. Choose from 30 different variations controlled by a remote control. Imagine watching TV or sitting at your desk while enjoying a soothing foot massage!

Ottoman foot massager is a two-in-one foot care product

I love products that serve dual functions plus look stylish. And this sleek foot massager that doubles as an ottoman does not disappoint! Just remove the top of the ottoman to reveal a massager for achy feet. Take your pick of various levels of compression and vibration to fit your needs. The device can provide 3 hours of battery use or run continuously when plugged in.

Wood foot rollers are classic but very useful foot care products

Soothe sore feet with this compact, portable and lightweight foot roller. It has 10 rollers, which help to target trigger points and relieve tension. Just slide feet back and forth and the rollers do the rest. This portable foot massager is convenient for travel.

Foot massage ball set is a handy and versatils foot care product

Elevate your foot care routine with these hot and cold rollers. to customize foot massages to fit your needs such as deep tissue massage and trigger point relief. 

Ankle stretcher equipment is a professional foot care product

This stretcher is used to gently stretch the Achilles tendon and calf muscles at the back of the lower leg. Frequently found in Physical Therapy clinics, it is sometimes used for rehab following foot, knee and ankle injuries to restore flexibility and range of motion.

Final Thoughts About Foot Care Products for Aging Feet

Most people take their feet for granted until pain or an injury grabs their attention. Foot problems affect almost everything we do, so making an effort to keep feet happy and healthy is very important.

That's why these foot products also make great gifts for seniors who have everything. They won't realize how much they needed these foot care items until they see how well they work! 

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