Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I'm Elizabeth, and I'd love to help you find solutions to optimize your home to fit your needs for a lifetime. Save time, money and most importantly stress by being prepared for life's expected and unexpected events and stages so you can create the best version of your home and live your best life.

As a home health Physical Therapist (PT) for over 20 years, I repeatedly witness the difficulty my clients (of all ages) have achieving goals because their homes are not working for them. Unfortunately, few make preparations or modify their home as needs change. By the time I meet them, they are in crisis.

I don’t want this to happen to you and your loved ones. I absolutely believe that making home modifications before they are needed and a crisis arises is critical for anyone at any age and often prevents potential problems from arising.

I’m on a mission to help at least one million people make their HOME FIT FOR A LIFETIME.

This isn’t just something for older people who want to live in their own homes for as long as possible although it does become more critical as we age. It’s about creating a home with common sense features so it’s more comfortable, convenient, and efficient…….every.single.day.

This is an achievable goal for anyone who has the right knowledge and guidance.

You certainly don’t need to do the work yourself unless you have the skills and desire to do it. I’ll give you the information you need to decide what may be an excellent DIY project versus work that should or needs to be done by a qualified building contractor.

Many of the changes are relatively easy and inexpensive. But most people feel overwhelmed by the choices available, which products and services are needed, and where to find them. When you don’t even know where to start, it becomes a daunting and challenging project.

That’s where I can help!

I have worked with hundreds of clients one on one in their homes. Although I enjoy this, I want to share my extensive knowledge and experience to impact more people than I can reach one at a time.

My desire and motivation is also personal. Becoming a widow in my early 40s, I know what it’s like to have a most unexpected life transition. Anticipating as many changes as possible helps to lessen the impact when our lives take a sudden turn.

The more changes in life that we can prepare for, such as creating a home capable of evolving with changing circumstances, the better.

I am also helping my parents to age in place. I feel so fortunate to have the experience to help them create a home that will allow them to thrive into their later years.

I founded Age Fearless Academy to encourage and equip clients with the ideas and skills needed to create the best version of their home no matter their age or stage of life.

Who can I help? Whether you want to….

  • Design, build or renovate a true ‘forever home’
  • Make smart renovations and modifications to your current or future home
  • Live in your current home for as long as possible as you get older – aka ‘age in place’
  • Be a caregiver
  • Create multi-generational living
    • Move an older loved one into your home
    • Move in with an older loved one to be a caregiver
    • Have adult children and/or grandchildren move in
  • Help an aging parent(s) stay safe and independent in their own home
  • Make a home that works better every day:
    • Efficient
    • Comfortable
    • Convenient
    • Accessible
    • Safe

My expertise, personal and professional experience, and lifelong love of home design blend perfectly to provide clients with education, product recommendation, home modification planning and design and instruction on how to live well in these spaces. 

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, I will assist you step-by-step and help you to create a HOME FIT FOR A LIFETIME.

Let me give you some ideas to get started!

You’re probably thinking that you have time and can wait to start planning, but this blog article will hopefully convince you otherwise and open your eyes to home ideas that are universal and beneficial to anyone at any age.

Read my article about Aging in Place and think about your ideal retirement location. And then read about why you should begin planning now. These articles will help you define your goals and get you started.

For more ideas, please join me on Pinterest & Facebook.

I look forward to working with you to make your home fit for a lifetime…so you can age fearlessly!

Take care and be well,


Elizabeth Kennedy PT, CAPS

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by Elizabeth PT • June 10, 2024

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