9 Helpful Bathroom Accessories for Seniors That Make Great Gifts

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Are you looking for thoughtful gifts for aging parents to make daily activities safer, easier and provide peace of mind? These bathroom accessories for seniors make practical gifts and show that you care about their well-being.

Shower foot scrubber for senior shower safety

It's tough to clean the bottom of your feet safely while showering. This foot scrubber solves that problem and even adds a small pumice stone to smooth rough heels. Suction cups keep this scrubber securely in place on the shower floor. 

Teak wall-mounted shower bench to increase elderly shower safety

Create a safe and stylish space to shower with this wall-mounted teak shower seat. It can fold up to save space when not in use and comes in different colors and sizes to fit your bathroom design. Teak is aesthetically pleasing and naturally mildew and mold repellent.

A long-handled scrubber sponges are handy bathroom accessories for senior safety

No bending or twisting needed to clean hard to reach spots with this long-handled loofah brush which also has an anti-bacterial finish. A non-slip rubber grip and loop handle make it easy to hold even when wet and soapy.

This toilet paper holder grab bar makes it easier to get off the toilet for elderly parents

You no longer have to worry about the toilet paper holder ripping out of the drywall when you push on it. This toilet paper holder also functions as a grab bar or support rail. It is sleek and comes in various finishes to match any bathroom. The rail is made of stainless steel and can support users weighing up to 500 lbs.

Shoe and sock remover for seniors

This dual-function long-handle shoehorn and sock remover is handy for use in sitting or standing. It even separates into two parts for easy travel.

Bidet attachment for toilet to help elderly with bathroom hygiene

Bidets add a little luxury to an ordinary toilet and improve hygiene and bathroom independence. This model even has a heated seat and dryer. Bidets can save you some money too by reducing toilet paper usage. Find out more in our article all about bidets

Handheld shower head improves senior bathroom safety

A handheld showerhead is an easy upgrade to add more functionality to the shower. This model features various settings, a long hose for extended reach, and can be easily installed. 

Bath step to increase shower safety for elderly

This bath step may be a great solution for those having trouble stepping into a bathtub or shower. It comes fully assembled and features a textured surface and wide platform to avoid tipping. 

A floor to ceiling bathroom grab bar is a helpful bathroom accessory for senior safety

This floor to ceiling grab bar provides adjustable, freestanding support to enhance bathroom safety. Constructed of steel with anti-slip grip, it can provide support in addition to other safety rails or if a wall-mounted grab bar isn't an option. 

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