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Items to make food prep easier:

Tools to help with kitchen cleanup:


White LED light strips featuring adjustable warm to cool white tones, dimmable, DIY, cut to length, remote controlled. Many pictures plus video with ideas.


These smart LED colored strip lights add some fun to a room, plus they are controlled with an app and voice controlled with Amazon Alexa. There are endless color choices and the lights can even dance to music! What a great gift for a kid who has everything.

These simple, affordable pendant lights provides enough light for tasks, and would add a decorative element to a kitchen or bathroom. Experiment with different types of light bulbs to vary the look. The style would look great with farmhouse, industrial, or minimalist decor.

Timeless appeal is found in these seeded glass mini pendants. They are reminiscent of days gone by but could easily update a tired kitchen or bathroom. The clear glass will allow a lot of light into the room despite the small scale of the lamp itself. This style would look great with most decors. Seeded glass provides interest, texture, and makes it more difficult to see dust and fingerprints on the glass.

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