Many people have dangerous misconceptions about aging in place. Who is it really for? When should it be

As we age, many of us start to think about creating a space where we can comfortably and

Aging in place is a rapidly growing trend as more and more seniors choose to remain in their

Action is the antidote to fear. Isn't this true for so many circumstances? Simply getting started and doing

It's a beautiful thing that each person sees the world uniquely. But this all-over-the-board thinking can be troublesome

Prioritizing safety and well-being becomes increasingly important as our parents age. One area of the home that requires

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Stop waiting until a medical crisis forces you to make changes, specifically home modifications, to maintain your retirement

You can't rely on the brightness of the moon or street lamps to illuminate outdoor spaces. As we

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Feet take a lot of wear and tear. They are complex structures that work hard to support our

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Where would you like to live in your golden years? If you said, 'at home,' you're not alone.

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A bathroom is a dangerous place for anyone due to slippery conditions and hard surfaces, but this risk

Living your best life can be downright difficult when you need help to complete basic daily activities. Everybody

Do you or a loved one struggle with stair climbing? Let's be honest. All of us have a

The only thing that should be falling is the beautifully colored leaves of trees in the Fall. With

Housing needs are changing, and aging in place architecture is quickly becoming a hot trend. It's not going